Wednesday, 15 December 2010

M&S Perfumes...who knew?

So, unless you already have a couple of grandchildren, you're probably not a massive fan of the M&S 'toilette' range. As much as I love magnolia, I do not wish to suffocate all those around me by the smell of it.
However, my mum has been lovely enough to allow me (and now you) to experience the lovelies for yourself.
The Butterfly Perfume Range has been around only since the summer, and the dark blue sort's only a very new addition. I've had the original since July, and I've been meaning to tell you about it for a while. Well, better late then never.

Butterfly Eau de ToiletteThe first thing I bummed on this product is the packaging. It's like Marc Jacob's Daisy, but a little trashier. Wooo. The glass bottle is round and lime green tinted, while the gold top comprises some jelly/rubbery butterflies. If like me, you have an extraordinary attraction to all jelly like substances, this will please you.
The smell is a very close copy of DKNY'S Be Delicious perfumes. Y'know, the ones that smell like apples. Smelling them from the bottle, they're really almost identical. But once sprayed, the M&S version settles a tad more citrusy, so it depends on your preferance. They aren't the longest lasting, but there's buckets in there so you can afford to top up during the day, or douse yourself in the morning.
Midnight Butterfly Eau de ToiletteIf the normal butterfly is a fresh summer meadow, then the Midnight edition is a sweet, sultry basement. Bow down to me, and my lingual attributes.
The packaging of this one is equally beautiful, a dark green bottle with violet butterflies. The smell is still wearable (I have no qualms about wearing it in the day) but it's much sexier. Muskier, darker, heavier, almost festive. I imagine Mrs Santa Claus could smell like this. I'm sure you appreciate it's hard describing smells, but I would say that while the Midnight Butterfly may be richer than it's predecessor, it is by no means less enticing.

These make gorgeous christmas presents. You may be tempted to snap one of these for yourself (which I fully endorse) but if you're at a loss of what to get your bezzie m8 for Christmas, look no further. And at just below a tenner, it seems almost ideal, no?
Hope you found this interesting, and enjoy the rest of you week.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

What Up? 3.0

I think it's about time for a new post, don't you?^sheepish/coy/pathetic pose = my form of an apology.

  • The Czech Republic (which seems yonks ago now) was amazing. I ate great food, was able to relax and spend time with some of my favourite people!
  • I'm just waiting for term to end. This Christmas couldn't come any sooner. It's not even the festivities I'm looking forward to, it's just not having to get up at bloody dawn every morning. Ok, so it's not dawn. But it's close!
  • Last week was one of the best! We did the school show, and now I miss everyone like crazy. Basically everyone except me was looking forward to it ending, but now it's over, I just wanna cryyyy.
  • I'm absolutely loving Leonard Cohen. I've been a fan of his music but it's his writing that's sending the shivers down me spine momentarily.
  • My friend (she's reading this right now, I bet) introduced me to Kings of Leon. I just wanna say a huge, majestic THANK YOU.
  • I'm going X-Mas present shopping on Saturday. Ohlord, wish me luck!^Lame.

That's aboot it. I hope you're all getting into the festive spirit, and I'll see you all later.