Thursday, 18 November 2010

What I'm Lubbin' Right Now (1.0)

It's not been a good month for my skin, if I'm being completely honest. Most of it is fine and dandy, it's just some areas I'm really fed up with. Thankfully, though, there's a new foundation on the makret, which had made my life and my skin, so much happier.
This is the new Bio Détox foundation from Bourjois, a brand who I've never really had any astonishing feedback for. However, this foundation is a gem. It has amazing coverage, and for us oily types, it mattifies and keeps the oil in like you've never seen. Most foundations I've tried have nothing on this baby! It's a keeper.
If there's one downisde, it's that you have to work quite quickly with blending, because it soon sets on your skin. But this is only proof of how nicely it works for oilier skin types.

I also really like this new lipgloss by Barry M.
It's the new addition to the range, and is the latest one (don't quote me) at No.10. If you've ever tried the No.2 toffee lipgloss Barry M, you may have got the same feeling as me, in that it was a bit too dull and not very flattering. This is in the same 'nude' colour family, but has a much warmer, bronzier tone to it, and the gold sparkles inside only add to the effect. A real treat for nude lovers, but this is one of those low maintenece nudes, which almost anybody can wear :)

What products are rocking your boat right now?

What Up? 2.0

Hello Cherubs!
I'm a bit behind, as was brought to my attention to my best friend and biggest fan, Shona!
Not ashamed in name-dropping!
But I thought I'd give you all a little round up...
  • It's getting ridiculously chilly out, and cardigans/jackets are no longer cutting it. That's why it's time to get nice and cuddly, girlies!
  • Whilst we're on the subject, I did get myself a winter coatt yesterday. NewLook website won't let me get the picture, but you can see the coat here. It looks a bit manky on there, trust me, it looks far better on.
  • I went shopping today, and for the 2nd time, have been astonished with Primark. Great clothes for dirt cheap prices? Why did I not hear of this before?
  • I've developed an unhealthy obsession for the candy teeth they sell at my corner shop. They are the defenition of yum :p
  • I'm off to the Czech Republic next week, which I'm more than excited about. I mean, I'm really excited!
  • I've been watching Skins on 4oD. I like it, although I realise it's a bit of a guilty pleasure. The acting talent is all a bit 'meh', except perhaps two exceptions,but it's a nice bit of popcorn telly to pass your afternoons with.
That's it, I think. Hope this was of any interest to anyone. How's your week been?

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Halloween in da House!

Yeah, yeah. I know Halloween's old news, but I thought you might still like to know what me and my family did this year. Halloween was a big thing this year, for some peculiar reason, and I have to say, we had a lot of fun dressing up and carving pumpkins.

One Halloween fail? We had nowhere near enough sweets to please everyone that came knocking on our door. Our street was abuzz with trick-or-treaters, overwhelmingly so!
On the left we have my cousin who was a witch (as if you couldn't tell already). I did her make-up, juss'saying.
On the right is a family friend, who is NOT a moose, as I first suspected! I think the second option wold be a corpse/zombie thing. In my eyes, the best costume.

This is me and my two best friends.
So I'm on the far left, hoping to be a "goth". It's funny how easy you can end up looking like a whore at Halloween, isn't it?
In the middle, we have a cute little kitty-cat;
and on the right is a butterfly. The picture doesn't really show her 'face-art' properly :D.

Everyone again, plus the new addition of my mum, who too, pulled off the whore look unintentionally. She was wearing a black wig, and it looked horrid! She's a blondie, there's no two ways about it.
In fact, I look like an absolute tramp too. Never again will I ever wear my parting this way. EVER!This is my brother in the middle. I love this picture so much <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">I like this one too. Oooooh, arty!
A closer peek at my 'goth' eye make-up. I was wearing huge false lashes, my first experience of falsies ever, and I am a fan. What was funny though, was not many people noticed I had them on. Paha. I mean, if my lashes were like this naturally, I'd be in the Guiness Book of World Records, surely...

Hope you guys enjoy my Spook-tastic Halloween Special.
Y'all get scared now, ya hear!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

My Current Mascara Manifesto

I love mascara.
If there's one thing you need it's mascara, whoever you are. Being the make-up addict I am, I often look at what people wear and if there's one item I always find on anyone without fail, it's mascara. So whip out your wand(s) and let's get cracking!
My mascara collection is forever changing. There's always new products to try and I'm a sucker for a gimmicky brush. So the collection you see now will most probably be unrecognisable within several months. Nevertheless, let yourself get inspired...

L'oreal Voluminous Carbon Black

Love the brush, its awesomely thick and covers your lashes. Lashes should be big and bold, at least that's how I like them. I wouldn't say it is anymore black than other mascaras, but my lashes are already quite dark, so perhaps I don't notice as others would. However, it does have a very wet, heavy feel on the lashes which may bother some people. Also, if you're an eye scratcher/toucher, expect panda-eyes to come your way.

No.7 Extravagant Lashes

This mascara just doesn't work for me. The 'square' brush is useless and the formula so thin it clumps all your lashes together into 5 big spikes. This mascara is only good if you're gonna use it very sparsely and carefully, or if you want the thick, fake-looking 60's look. Oh, and it lasts a long time. Otherwise, give it a miss.

No.7 Exceptional DefenitionIt's not all bad news for No.7. This is a really interesting product. You most likely saw the advert, which promoted the 3-function brus to within an inch of its life. It's fair to say clumping is minimal, and it gives lovely, natural yet accentuated lashes. The best thing is that if you're not feeling any special eyeliner, then this will give enough contouring and emphasis on the lashline. Double-use product, I like it!

Rimmel Max Volume Bold CurvesI used to own the Rimmel Max Volume Flash that just came in the pink tube, and I adored it, so obviously I had high hopes for this. I like it, but it's a slight let down. The formula is very thick which is generally not a problem but I don't feel it gives the lashes as nice a fanned out look as it's predecessor did. I'm still in the primary stages with this mascara, and I think it has potential. It gives good volume and length, but is not all there.

Max Factor False Lash Effect

You'd have to be living under a rock if you didn't know about this mascara. After the raves, I succumbed, and I am glad I did. I wouldn't say they look false at all, but the lashes look extremely good with this one. Just long and thick enough, but not clumped or too over the top. The brush is nice and chubby while being synthetic, so its the best of both worlds. However, if you're a clumsy'un with mascaras, perhaps steer clear, as it can be a bit of hazard!

Maybelline Lash Stilleto Voluptuous
You might be seeing a recurring theme here, in that any mascara with the promise of volume draws me in like a moth to a flame. This brush is thin and a bit of a strange kinky shape, and really wiry, so its not the most comfortable application. This mascara holds the curl of lashes quite well, and prevents my the incessant slumping of my disobedient outer lashes. It doesn't give 'WOAH' volume, but there is some volume there no doubt. Truth be told, this mascara specialises more in legth, but having said that, I do reach for it frequently.

There you are. Tell me your mascara collection, and your thoughts on any of the above. Hope you liked the post!