Friday, 18 February 2011

The Baftas 2011 Outfit Review

It was a star-studded red carpet, and some people looked hot AS! Here's my best, and worst picks of the ceremony that's one notch beneath my favourite movie event of the year!

This dress cute, and the colour completely suits Jessica Alba.Wow, Gemma Arterton looks hot. I love the simplicity of this dress.
I never thought redheads could work nudes this well. But Amy Adams, you proved me wrong.That's it! Cheryl can go home, Kimberley Walsh will always be the hottest Girl Aloud.
I really can't make my mind up about this dress, but considering Rosamund Pike looks marvellous wearing it, it gets into my prestigious 'Best' category.
Where's Rachel Stevens been hiding? This dress, however, makes the perfect comeback.
Oh, I just love Miranda Richardson. This is an age-perfect, classy dress. She looks like a queen!

Sorry Sarah Harding, but this is nothing but tacky.Are they roses printed on that uber-pink monstrosity? No, Thandie Newton, just no.I like Emma Watson's style normally, but this don't float my boat.Oh no. This is the second time Julianne Moore's failed in my eyes, The velvet...I might just stomach. But the pasty face+gothic eyes+red lip scenario? I just can't forgive.
Too white, too shiny, too mutton, too lamb. That's Annette Benning told.

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Harrriiiet said...

Jessica Alba is stunning as usual!
Love that blue colour.
Emma Watson, :O
that dress is awful and not really diggin' the hair cut.