Tuesday, 26 October 2010

My Top 5 Blushes!

I simply don't understand people who claim they're "not a blush person". I mean, it must be some sort of consipracy. If there's one thing that suits everyone, it's blush. It gives an instant pick-me-up and literally makes you look 'prettier'.
I'm pretty pleased with my blush collection. There's no silly purchases, and I keep most of them on a steady rotation. But I decided to show you my top 5. Believe me though, there are a lot of runners up.
1: All About Face (Tesco Make-up Brand) in Rose

  • Lovely colour which brightens and lifts the face.
  • A cool pink tone (comparable to Mac's Well Dressed)
  • Well pigmented and blendable, perhaps the tiniest bit chalky.
  • £1.50 - if that ain't a bargain I don't know what it.
2: Collection 2000 Shimmer and Shade Compact in Pink Me Up
  • Gorgeous shimmer and pigmentation
  • Three colours which can be blended together as well as being used singularly
  • Look amazing with a tan
  • Another bargain, at around £3.50!

3:W7 Brightening Face Powder in Candy Floss
  • Amazing pigmentation, and great blendability.
  • Has THE nicest sheen/shimmer to it. Not too much, but enought to look radiant.
  • A clear copy of Benefit's blush boxes, including the square brushes, and about three times less expensive.
  • Comes with a lot of product, and as it is advertised as both a blush and brightening face powder, it's kind of multipurpose I suppose.
4: Aura Fruity Blush in Peach Fizz
  • Look scary orange in the pan but looks like a lovely coraly flush on the cheek.
  • Good pigmentation, but perhaps not the easiest to blend.
  • Again, looks great with a tan, and wakes your whole face up, this colour will literally suit everyone.
  • Due to the starkness of the colour, a little goes a long way, so this will last.
5: George (at Asda Makeup) Blush in No.2 Peachy

  • Well pigmented, slightly on the chalky side.
  • Not too pressed, so a lot comes out on the brush and it can get a little bit floury on your vanity.
  • The colour is so wearable, and makes you look a tad more bronze than you perhaps are.
  • Suits whatever make-up look you do, and look very natural.
NB: I apply my blush with and Eco Tools Blush Brush (not necessarily going to be on the Pub Quiz, but it's better to be safe than sorry)

Hope this was useful! What are your 5 favourite blushes? See y'all soon 'nough.

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