Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Why I Love: Claire's Accessories Make-Up

If you live in the UK, you probably have at least some experience with Claire's. It used to be the most frequented shop in my 'tweens', and of course, looking back at some of the purchases I made in there, the word 'cringe' comes to mind. (Dangly neon pi
nk zip detail clip-ons anyone?).
I like to think I've grown up, I really do. But whenever I pass Claire's, I'm alwa
ys tempted to go in. You may think it's the nostalgia that draws me back, but oh no! I go back on the premise that Claire's really has some fantastic make-up!You have to be careful, that's a given. Some of the make-up in there IS only suitable for you 5-year old cousin. But if you look closely, you'll find some amazing products, just like your Humble Blogger.
First, is one of my absolute favbourite eye-shadow pallettes.
Look at the pigmentation of those babies!
There's a whole host of 10 gorgeous shimmery (I love ze shimmer) colours to choose from, and they're all marvellous. You could do the most wearable every-day look as well as a dramatic, dark and sultry smokey eye. The shadows are an amazing quality; blendable, pigmented, and you'll find some dupes in ther fo'sure.

Then, the lipbalms:
I'm a lipbalm hound, I just love them. Claire's makes a HUGE selection of lipbalms, with the flavours of all your favourite soft drinks or sodas, sweets or candy, or some generic flavours like Chocolate Vanilla Icing, or Butter Popcorn. If you're like me and you love a gimminck, they will not dissapoint. The lipblams smell and taste amazing (here I am holding a lovely Dr Pepper one), and they're also moisturising, as a good lipbalm should be.
You can find some with a hint of colour (Dr Pepper par exemple), that leave a gorgeous flush of juicy colour on your smackers. And they're cheap. I literally haven't got a bad word to say.

So next time you're passing by Claire's, don't resist the urge and have a nosey at some of the gems they've got on offer. Who knows, you might be suprised...


Holly said...

haha i always used to buy claires surprise bags and get in trouble for opening all of them in the shop to find the best one! great finds:D<3,xxx

A La Moda said...

i used to love claire's! haha
those eyeshadows look great...they've really stepped it up.

The Sparkly Poo said...

@Holly - I loved those! So exciting haha!

@A La Moda - they're awesome, I really recommend if you have the chance :)