Monday, 25 October 2010

Welcome to the Sparkly Poo!

Omg! What? Where? Why? Who?

Yes girlies, something (potentially) very exciting is happening!
Dangerously Beauty is the past, it's so last year baby. We've traded it in for a younger, prettier, sparklier new model.

The Sparkly Poo is my new project, which I will hopefully be more devoted to. It's been complicated these past coupl'a months, but I wanna get back on track with blogging. No silly tags and bad quality posts.
(I say this, I wonder what I'll feel like in a few months' time)

Anyway, we're starting from scratch.
The Sparkly Poo is all about the pretty, dainty things in life. So, when life throws you poo, make it sparkly! Man hath never read a better mantra...

See y'all soon!


Emma said...

why the sparkly poo?! haha

The Sparkly Poo said...

@Emma - When life throws poo at you, make it sparkly! Thus...the sparkly poo. Just roll with it :D

Eyelining said...

Lol love the name. Remember folks, you can't polish a turd (but you can throw glitter on it!) x

Gaby ☠ said...

Oh wow I love your new blog name! S0 original!

The Sparkly Poo said...

@Eyelining - Hahaha, wow, you've basically captured the essence perfectly.

@Gaby - Thank you. I hope that's not sarcastic hehe :)