Saturday, 6 November 2010

Halloween in da House!

Yeah, yeah. I know Halloween's old news, but I thought you might still like to know what me and my family did this year. Halloween was a big thing this year, for some peculiar reason, and I have to say, we had a lot of fun dressing up and carving pumpkins.

One Halloween fail? We had nowhere near enough sweets to please everyone that came knocking on our door. Our street was abuzz with trick-or-treaters, overwhelmingly so!
On the left we have my cousin who was a witch (as if you couldn't tell already). I did her make-up, juss'saying.
On the right is a family friend, who is NOT a moose, as I first suspected! I think the second option wold be a corpse/zombie thing. In my eyes, the best costume.

This is me and my two best friends.
So I'm on the far left, hoping to be a "goth". It's funny how easy you can end up looking like a whore at Halloween, isn't it?
In the middle, we have a cute little kitty-cat;
and on the right is a butterfly. The picture doesn't really show her 'face-art' properly :D.

Everyone again, plus the new addition of my mum, who too, pulled off the whore look unintentionally. She was wearing a black wig, and it looked horrid! She's a blondie, there's no two ways about it.
In fact, I look like an absolute tramp too. Never again will I ever wear my parting this way. EVER!This is my brother in the middle. I love this picture so much <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">I like this one too. Oooooh, arty!
A closer peek at my 'goth' eye make-up. I was wearing huge false lashes, my first experience of falsies ever, and I am a fan. What was funny though, was not many people noticed I had them on. Paha. I mean, if my lashes were like this naturally, I'd be in the Guiness Book of World Records, surely...

Hope you guys enjoy my Spook-tastic Halloween Special.
Y'all get scared now, ya hear!

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Holly said...

you all look fab! your eyelashes are amazing<3,xxx