Thursday, 18 November 2010

What I'm Lubbin' Right Now (1.0)

It's not been a good month for my skin, if I'm being completely honest. Most of it is fine and dandy, it's just some areas I'm really fed up with. Thankfully, though, there's a new foundation on the makret, which had made my life and my skin, so much happier.
This is the new Bio Détox foundation from Bourjois, a brand who I've never really had any astonishing feedback for. However, this foundation is a gem. It has amazing coverage, and for us oily types, it mattifies and keeps the oil in like you've never seen. Most foundations I've tried have nothing on this baby! It's a keeper.
If there's one downisde, it's that you have to work quite quickly with blending, because it soon sets on your skin. But this is only proof of how nicely it works for oilier skin types.

I also really like this new lipgloss by Barry M.
It's the new addition to the range, and is the latest one (don't quote me) at No.10. If you've ever tried the No.2 toffee lipgloss Barry M, you may have got the same feeling as me, in that it was a bit too dull and not very flattering. This is in the same 'nude' colour family, but has a much warmer, bronzier tone to it, and the gold sparkles inside only add to the effect. A real treat for nude lovers, but this is one of those low maintenece nudes, which almost anybody can wear :)

What products are rocking your boat right now?


Marie said...

Glad to know that you've found a foundation that works well with your skin.:D

The lipgloss shade is interesting, I like it, a different twist to a nude gloss.:D

Thanks for the swatch.:D

***** Marie *****

The Beautiful Blog said...

I agree about the barry m toffee lipgloss I think it's nice but too subtle for me I will have a little look at the new one x

Anonymous said...

Your username is so epic. I LOVE IT. :)

..R May A.. said...

The lipgloss looks gorgeous:)
loving this post!! x