Wednesday, 5 January 2011

8 Most Worn Things Tag

EDIT: I completely forgot the most worn shoes. Whoops. If you're itching to find out, it's either black boots (River Island's male section, ya hear?) or simple black ballerina flats. Sorry 'bout that!

This was around on YT a while ago, and I've been thinking: why let YTers have all the fun?
So, these are basically the things I wear/use the most in these specific categories. I apologise in advance for the poor quality of photography in this post. I'll get better, I pwomise :3

Most Worn Lipgloss/LipstickI went through a major lipstick phase last year. I seriously wore it every day, and I now own horrendous amounts. However, since Autumn/Fall, I avoid them like the plague. I don't know where this sudden change in heart came from, maybe it's puberty. Right now, I don't like having an awful lot on the lips. I love balms (originally, I was going to put my Coca-Cola Lip Smacker in here, but I realise I've rambled on about those too much), but I also like light, flattering lipgloss. This is Barry M Lip Gloss in No.10, and again, this has been mentioned in a separate post. It smells like a dream and wears really well. If in doubt, slick this on.

Most Worn EarringsRotate, damn you!
I'm an earring person. I love studs, as well as dangly ones - the whole concept of earrings makes me happy. I've had a cartilage piercing for about a year now, which I don't change around too often, so the star you see in the picture's been there for a while. But for a normal piercing, I often just opt for these rather big pearls. As a matter of fact, I bought these in Superdrug for 99p and they've done a marvelous job. I love pearls; they're classy, feminine and you can wear them with just about anything.

Most Worn Shirt(note to self: turn camera the right way)
I don't really have one top that I wear loads. I guess like a black camisole I wear under some things, but that's just boring! Mind you, this isn't much more exciting. This is a really stretchy long black top, which I wear as a dress. It was a rolo-neck, but I cut it down, because they make me look ridiculous. It's really easy to wear with just a plain cardi, and I love the long sleeves.

Most Worn Nailpolish
Coloured nailpolish looks silly on me. My nails just don't like to co-operate with it, so I normally just end up with really brittle, chipped talons. I normally just stick to clear or French manicure pink nailpolish to make them look a bit more presentable (on the left).
However, I really like this whole dusky brown/beige colour that's circulating everywhere now. I'm gonna be brave and say that I er...started that trend, because I snapped this polish from H&M called Latte2Go, and only then did all the other beauty gurus get wind of it. Yeah, so that's a lie, but I'm being totally honest when I say that I do love the whole neutral nails look, and tend to drift towards that most often.

Most Worn Hair Product
I curl my hair with a flat iron a lot. I realise this is naughty, and I am ashamed, but I've tried the No-Heat diet. Suffice to say, it did not work. This is your regular run-of-the-mill heat protectant, by L'Oreal Studio. These products are all the same to me, but what I do get frustrated about is that they smell like a harbour. A fishy harbour. However, when it comes down to it, I'd rather whiff like a salmon then leave my hair unprotected.

Most Worn PerfumeOh, for Pete's sake!
2010 was the year of Georgio Armani Diamonds. I got this after the Beyonce campaign, and I loved it. It smells so so so good. I fail to describe it, but I can assure you that this is one perfume that I will wear to my grave. I'll even take a bottle into my grave, for all those wild afterlife parties. I've run out of this now, but I have Beyonce's Heat perfume to see me through. Review coming soon.

Most Worn Handbag
I wear my handbag to 6th form, and they usually carry around all my folders, books and food of the day. This was the bag I wore since September. I loved it with all my heart, and it was my bayb-eh, but look at it now, in its sorry state. The strap's broken off and the inside lining all torn.
RIP My Lovely Leathery Friend
However, at X-Mas I got a new bag. The bag to conquer them all. My mum got this in TK Maxx so I'm not sure of its availability, but I'm sure you'll all agree it is a beaut. It holds all my junk, and I'm in love with it! I forget my old bag ever existed.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post!
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Shannon said...

I love this tag! Great post:) and i love your most worn earrings, so cute xx