Sunday, 9 January 2011

I love earrings!

Today I tried to make more sense in my earring collection.
I love earrings. I really do. I sort of feel naked without them. Necklaces/bracelets/rings really don't enthuse me, but when it comes to a pretty pair of earrings, I'm there like a shot!
This is what I did:
  1. Got one of my cousin's old fabric head-bands. I don't think she needs it anymore. If she does, tough!
  2. Cut it, so it made a nice little strip.
  3. Pierced all my earrings in!
It's probably easier than the days of the week. But even those can be quite tricky!

I lika' studs.
Most of these are just random studs I've collected over a while: I love Topshop jewelry, as well as George at Asda and I've even found some gems at Supedrug.

I love owls:Freedom at TopshopFreedom at TopshopRandom shop in Cornwall.

Hope you guys enjoyed. Do you like earrings?


Anonymous said...

love the second pair down owl earrings!
i don't think i can pull off big earrings so i generally stick to stud style, but i still find pretty like gems :) xx

felmake1 said...

I really wanna try this, I can never seem to find a decent way to store my earrings! Right now I have one of those earring holders like this:, just black, prettier and with a "food" so it can stand. But I find it so difficult everytime I have to get a pair of earrings to take them out! haha, but I like your idea.

Claudia said...


give me owl <3

lovely blog <3

The Sparkly Poo said...

@Sarah - I know, they're adorable, a birthday present from my friend :)

@felmake - Oh, I like the look of that, but I think it looks so cute with all the pretty little studs bunched together. Oooh, hope you like it if you do give it a go :)

@Claudia - Hehe, owls PWN. :D Thank you so much, hope to see you soon


lisa said...

I am totally rubbish with storing my earrings despite owning over5 jewelley boxes! Love Top shop pair... I forget that top shop do nice one and Asda george are pretty good too.

Great blog! - Believe in beautiful on a budget