Wednesday, 5 January 2011

What Up? (4.0)

I'm on a blogging hype. Let's roll with it.This is Jackson, my baby. I've had him for about a year and a half, and there is no-one I love more. My light, my soul, my Jackson.
  • I attempted writing a 'What Up?' on Monday and I was in a terrible mood, so I basically sounded like such a mardy cow. I think today won't be quite as catastrophic.
  • Don't you love putting on make-up/perfume in the evening, even if you're not heading out? Sometimes, I just go over to my vanity and pop a bit of liner or blusher on. A mid-evening beauty boost!
  • Why is it that I prefer speaking in other accents than my own? You American/Irish/Northern/Australian people don't know how lucky you are.
  • I'm going through one of those 'I need to cut my hair' stages, where I'm seriously contemplating a Cheryl Cole bob. But then, I know that if I do it, I'll hate myself. So you know what? Embrace the Rapunzel hair!
  • Marlon Brando. 'Nuff said.Wouldn't say no, to put it bluntly.
That completes this round-up. A little less moany then the one I scribbled on Monday. Thank the lord that was never published. How's your week going? :)


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

mmmmm Marlon Brando :)

Holly said...

don't cut your lovely long hair, you'll regret it!xx

The Sparkly Poo said...

@Holly - oh bless! Ok, I won't :D hehe


JadeyLou said...

My house bunny Vinnie would never let me pick him up and cuddle him like that! He's a right mardy git, I think it's because he's approaching 5, your average grumpy old man in bunny form!
Also, Marlon Brando NOM NOM :)

The Sparkly Poo said...

@JadeyLou - Awww, Vinnie's an adorable name. Hehe, my Jackson's not even a bunny anymore, he's basically my boyfriend :D
And yes, nom indeed ;)