Monday, 17 January 2011

The Golden Globes 2011 Outfit Review

Yes! It's officially awards season again! Oh, how happy that makes me. I'm now itching in anticipation for the Oscars, but meanwhile, the Golden Globes will do well to quench my thirst.

I liked:

Oh my, is this Emma Stone? As in always ginger Emma Stone? - I adore this incredibely simple, matte dress. She looks stunning.Dianne Argon is every inch the Hollywood pin-up.Oh hello January Jones! Perhaps the only woman who looks this good with a red lip.I love this print and colour on Gabourey Sidibe. She, however, is divine.
Gotta hand it to Angelina Jolie, she looks fierce. This colour really sets off her eyes.Anne Hathaway fulfills my penchant for high neck, long sleeved dresses.Olivia Wilde looks 'dazzling' (wow, cringe!) in this gown.

I didn't rate:
What is this awkward polygon intruding on Kelly Osbourne's otherwise non-offensive dress?
I don't like Leighton Meester, I don't like her ageing, poufy dress. Fact.Piper Perabo teaches you the most valuable lesson in life. How to completely erradicate any feminine aspect of your body shape - wear a ruler!
Aaaargh! Julianne Moore is beautiful, but this deflated balloon residing on her chest ain't doing no favours.
Michelle Williams? Mothercare called! They want their frock back.
Speaking of Mothercare...hehe. Natalie Portman look amazing preggers, and the dress was that close to being one of my favourites of the night. But the red glittery rose looks dreadful, especially clashing with the necklace. Oh well, she was still one of the most beautiful women there.

Hope you enjoyed this.
What did you think of the Golden Globes wardrobe?


Holly said...

Love her or hate her, Angelina is probably one of the most beautiful women alive! Great post(:,xx

Laura - Emerald Green 88 said...

I've nominated you for a blog award here!